Virginia Lanier, Author –

Virginia Lanier

About the Book:

She Didn’t Know That She Was Loved is an autobiographical account of all Virginia Lanier has been through.  After her stepdad was killed, she embarked on a journey of painstaking research, travel, and interviews.  Slowly, but surely, Lanier collected bits and pieces of her story, knowing that it had a right to be told.

About the Author:

Following her separation from her ex-husband in 1981, Virginia and her two children left Chicago, Illinois, and returned to her “personal paradise” of High Springs and Alachua, Florida.  It was in those areas that she found the inspiration to explore her creativity by writing, sketching, and painting.

While residing in Daytona Beach, Florida, Virginia soon immersed herself in writing about her mother’s life story – penning one paragraph every week as well as starting her own sweet potato pie business at Daytona Beach Flea Market until she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2011.  Although Virginia was derailed from her efforts during this time, she stayed committed to telling her story and returned to her composition while going through weeks of chemo treatments in between three surgeries.  According to Virginia, her heart kept motivating her hands to finish the memoirs of her mother.



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